Chiang Mai Night Safari (zoo)

Chiang Mai Night Safari. A government agency. Operated by the Pinkanakorn Development Agency (Public Organization) is located in Tambon Mae Hia Tambon Suthep, Muang District, Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai and Nong Kwai. The total area of approximately 819 acres and only minutes from the city center, about 10 kilometers.


Chiang Mai Night Safari was originally opened on February 6, 2006 focused on providing services in the evening through the night. And is Thailand first night zoo. But the Chiang Mai Night Safari has changed the pattern of services that can travel throughout the day. Both in the daytime. And at night. And may count as a night zoo, the largest in the world. Which is as large as 2 times the Night Safari, Singapore The Chiang Mai Night Safari is also highlighted in a Nature Theme Park, which is different from normal animals as well as the Safari in Africa with emphasis on natural science. Wildlife in Asia Where visitors can study the behavior of animals closely. If compared to those in Africa. I find the behavior of animals is more difficult than the Chiang Mai Night Safari.


In addition to taste the warmth of the audience and in contact with these animals closely. The afternoon and evening with carts (Tram) 50-seat open-air design, which is decorated with various kinds of wild animals, tigers, giraffes, and even black and white zebra pattern. It created quite a bit of fun at first sight then. Chiang Mai Night Safari are other activities. Many are waiting for the visit of tourists from all over the world, such as lighting, beautiful fountains, musical (Musical Fountain & Water Screen), the beautiful and the biggest in the night, the Safari Dancing feeding animal. close-in points. Which is featured here. Travellers will have the opportunity to experience one that creates a lasting impression. Only by seeing and feeding the giraffes in the distance is less than one hand to enjoy the Big Five Behind The Zoo of Chiang Mai Night Safari. From bathing elephants. Feeding a hippopotamus bull rhino horn feed. And enjoy the food of the giraffe. Variety of food flavors, chef, professional relaxing amid the mass of all plants at the Chiang Mai Night Safari Resort is a resort near the city of Chiang Mai. And other activities. Many current switch is not available for tourists to enjoy. The Chiang Mai Night Safari is a generous and rare wildlife that allows visitors to see, since it does not pay "Lion" and wildlife, majestic as the rest are only 200 in the world, including the "White Tiger" wildlife. Another rare species. Waiting to welcome visitors of all people who love nature. The entrance ever.


Departure from hotel in town 5.40pm




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