Tiger Kingdom (the most popular)

The real tigers, big cat, you can hug them.

The Tiger Kingdom is another great combination of tourism with wildlife preservation.The proceeds from tourist visits to the Tiger Kingdom are mainly directed toinvestments in captive breeding of tigers. The tiger population in Thailand has beendecreasing every year. It's estimated that only around 120 tigers still inhabit the wild.

The projections are more catastrophic. Specialists argue thatit's just a matter of timebefore tigers are completely extinguished from the wild. As human population grows,areas in which tigers can live freely diminish. Tiger-human contact becomes inevitableand, as a treat to, for example, pastoral communities, tigers are commonly hunteddown and killed.

The Tiger Kingdom aims to increase the tiger population through captive breeding.
These tigers, however, are not prepared to inhabit the wild and therefore, are fadedto remain in captive from birth to death, which, given the current situation, it'sunderstood to be better than no tigers at all. Since the tigers have been born in

captive and fed a special diet of milk and chicken, they tend to be less aggressive thantigers in the wild. Captive tigers, therefore, can be visited by tourists, who pay

a considerable amount of money to spend around 15 minutes with them. The proceedsfrom tourism allows Tiger Kingdom to increase the tiger population through captivebreeding, as well as improve the overall living conditions of the tigers throughthe acquisition of larger areas for them to roam around. Currently, the Tiger

Kingdom has over 30 tigers in captive.

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